Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mr. Independent...

Jaron is becoming quite independent, as well he should (to some degree) at his age, however this has created one problem we are having a hard time solving. When he falls asleep, he insists on sticking his legs through the slats on his crib. For whatever reason, he likes to sleep sideways and the only to accommodate his length is to stick his legs out the side. He has gotten them stuck several times and we have had to "rescue" him.

We do have a bumper on his crib, but he sticks his legs over it. I have also seen some netting type contraptions out there, but they seem similar in height to a bumper. I figure is he goes over the bumper, he'll go over the net.

(Am I worrying over nothing, y'all? I don't mean to be one of those mom's, but he is getting his legs stuck and it could lead to a broken leg very easily.)

So... give me your advice. Any solutions? I think it's a bit early to think of a big boy bed, (he's about 15 mos.) but maybe that's the only way to fix this??????