Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Winter Blues Arrive A Little Earlier Every Year

Um, okay, when did it turn cold? Because it's cold outside and my blood has not even begun to thicken for the impending winter. I am pretty much an ice cube already and it's only in the mid 50's. What am I going to do when it's -20 in a few months? (Yes, it does get that cold where I live. Sometimes it even stays that cold for days without end. Why do I live in such a place, you ask? Heck if I know. I ask myself that same question every day of the loooooong winter.)

Anyway, I know it is cold because the thermometer says it's cold and also because I had to bust out the socks. Y'all, I despise wearing socks.

Socks seriously cramp my flip flop style.

I have lived in the cold Northeast for going on 9 years now and I have yet to be correctly attired for the winter season. Some how I manage to just squeak by with a few enough necessities to make it through. A decent coat, some so-so boots and gloves.

I am not into winter sports, at all. (Though to be fair I should admit that the only winter sport I have tried was snowboarding. Unless of course, sledding counts, but something tells me it doesn't quite.) Therefore clothing of an adequate matter has not been too big a priority. I go from the house to the car, the car to (insert warm destination here).

But all that is about to change. You see, I have an extremely active toddler on my hands. Extremely active. And something tells me he is not going to be content with the house, car, car, warm place routine. Something, call it Mother's Intuition if you will, tells me that he is going to like the snow. And want to play in the snow. And go for walks in the snow. And build snow men and make snow angles and generally just roll around in the snow. Oh, and he will also probably want to eat the snow, which I am sure will taste better than all the sand he consumed while we were on our vacation.

Are you catching my drift (he he, drift, get it?) here?

Those things will all require me, cold hater, to spend time in the very atmosphere of which I loathe. Therefore adequate attire is now required. Ugh.

Sooooo, I need some help. Mostly in the boot department. Anyone got any cute, yet completely functional boot options for me?

I would like stylish, yet water proof and well insulated. Also, ease of on/off would be great. And no Uggs or "moon boots" please. Tried 'em, don't like 'em.

So, hit me with your best boot recommendation. Help make this winter bearable for a momma in need!

** As an added bonus, I will give away a little prize (Starbucks anyone?) to the commenter that suggests a pair of boots that fits all my requirements and results in a purchase. (Yep, I am that desperate!)**