Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Wish I Had Something Interesting To Say Today...

but I don't. In fact, I just woke up from a nap (not an every day luxury so I took advantage today) and I am still a bit nap groggy. Know the feeling?

Went to a Beth Moore event last night. You know, I adore her, however last night was just off. All the ladies I went with agreed that it was a bit discombobulated. The worship was a little over the top, and her message felt very piecemeal.

Now, don't get me wrong.... I am not criticizing, really. I was glad I went and came away with a ton of little nuggets that I am excited to dig deeper on. Maybe that's the point of her events anyway?? And I would/will go to another one if I get the chance. I will say that I am very excited about her new Ester bible study.

Anyhoo... what's new out there in blog land? Anyone have big, exciting things happening these days? I usually have around 50 blog hits a day and I have no clue who all y'all are! So, leave me a comment and let's start getting to know each other a bit more.

(PS... anyone got an good vegetarian recipes out there? I'm in need of some new ideas! Help!)