Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just Call Me Cinderella

I am cleaning like a mad woman. We have our first showing today and another one tomorrow. There is something disconcerting to think about strangers going through ones home. So I have left no surface untouched. I have dishwater hands to prove it.

I feel like I need to bake cookies, or have dinner on the stove when they get here! :) Maybe if we entertain them they will fall in love with our place and buy it. I told Jonathan he could sweeten the deal by adding a Cookie Clause to the contract. I will bake the buyer of our lovely, cozy home cookies ever other week, for an entire year. Sounded good to me. For some reason Jonathan didn't think buyers were looking for that kind of perk.

Oh well. I tried. (wink)

Say prayers that our place will sell quickly!

Okay, off to scrub the tub!! Have a great weekend!