Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Moose On The Loose

Update: I guess our moose had quite and adventure yesterday! Here is a picture of our friend, courtesy of MSNBC.com, who tells more Mr. Moose's story if you are interested.

We had a bit of excitement after dinner tonight. Jaron and I were looking out the windows, watching some neighborhood kids ride their bikes. All of the sudden something caught my attention over to the side... it was a moose! At first I thought it was a horse and then the image registered in my tired, little brain and I realized that it was indeed a moose.

What is crazy about this is that we live in a very suburban area. There is not much forest around for a moose to roam. This guy (oh yes, it was a male) was cruising around between apartment and condo buildings, heading for the grocery store! He attracted quite a crowd.

When I screamed and told Jonathan what I had seen, he didn't believe me at first. Well, he got so excited that he threw on his shoes and ran out the door. Jaron and I weren't far behind. As we ran outside tons of people from neighboring buildings were pouring out into the street. We all walked as a huge crowd trying to see this moose. (How silly can we be?) Mr. Moose eventually wander off down our little bike path. We have been keeping an eye out for him all night, but haven't seen him again.

Can you tell we are short on entertainment in Vermont? Who knew a moose could stir up so much excitement!?

I only wish I would have thought to grab my camera!!!!