Thursday, March 13, 2008

(Insert Clever Title Here)

Um, hello, my name is Casey and this is my blog. I have been strangely absent as of late, and really, I have no good explanation to give.

I could say I am tired, and while that is true, I just don't think it's a valid excuse.

I could mention that I am spread a little thin, what between being a wife, a mother and a working woman (who's office is currently in the process of moving, which is a whole other excuse story.) But no one wants to hear me complain.

I could tell a tale about Jaron and his erratic sleeping habits, but those have FINALLY settled down (praise Jesus from whom all blessings flow!) and so there's not much to tell anymore.

I supposed I could also blame it on blogger, with whom I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship. Dang thing has been kicking me out and refusing to post my photos. But that is a story that lots of people can tell, so I won't bore my readers with such triviality.

So, um, what can I say?

Well, how about that I have had the mother of all cases of writers block. I mean really, who am I to think that anyone wants to read what I have to say? Every time I start to write something I end up erasing it all. I do have things I want to post, but I worry about being too down, or too serious, or too silly, or posting too many photos, or not enough photos.

It's like high school all over again... overly self aware.

Anyway, I have things on my mind... things I think when I can't sleep at night. Good things, bad things, life things, God things. (I am starting to sound like Dr. Seuss "Left foot, right foot, red foot, blue foot"!) Maybe in the next few days I can start to get them out of my head on here-- for all 2.5 of my readers to read.

Until then... how are y'all doing? Got any topic/post ideas for me?