Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And Then My Heart Melted All Over The Toys

Jaron is a very busy little boy. Very. Busy. When he is playing he likes to go from one thing, to another, and then back again several times. Though he is not walking yet, (any day now he will be) he is all over the place. He loves to chase the dog and squeal real loud to get her attention. And he loves, LOVES, it when Maddie chases him right back.

In typical male fashion, Jaron is not much of a cuddlier. He has his moments, but those are rare. And when such rare times do occur I usually end up getting head butted or kicked in the gut as he tries to wiggle free after his 1.2 second love fest.

Cuddle time with daddy is about the same. Tonight, however, I managed to catch a few photos of a sweet little exchange between father and son.

Ah, Dad... can't you see I'm busy?

See? I'm trying to make this thing balance.

Well, okay, maybe just a few kisses.