Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's A TriFecta, As My Husband Likes To Call It

My poor little guy is getting hammered right now. (Wait, let me try that again, least you think that I am THAT kind of mom.)

My poor little guy is in bad shape right now. (Don't know if that was much better, but I will just move one now.)

Baby J got 4 shots yesterday. He is also cutting an eye tooth and fighting off a nasty cold. It's a TriFecta, as the hubs refers to it. Running a fever is, of course, inevitable. His cute, yet snotty, dripping nose is leaving its mark all over the front of my T-shirt. It goes great with the spit up stain.

(Oh yes, I am a picture of high fashion. You know you're totally jealous.)

It is hard to see my baby sick. He's cranky, yet still smiling when his daddy plays peak-a-boo with him. He wants to eat ALL THE TIME which, in reality, is nothing new. But, still. Ya know what it's like, all you moms out there.

I just want to cuddle him close and make it all go away.

And at the same time I want to sweetly (gentle, now) deposit him in his crib and pray to GREAT GOD IN HEAVEN that he might sleep for the next 24 hours and wake up completely well.

Am I asking too much?

Yeah, I thought maybe so.

But he is a cute one, isn't he?