Friday, January 19, 2007

boy, oh boy!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a girl, it's a... BOY!

What a roller coaster ride it has been trying to get a peek at the unmentionables of this baby I carry. Every time we have been in for an ultra-sound the doctor has commented on how difficult it is to see what gender this baby is.

"What a wiggle worm!" is also heard frequently; to which I sigh and say, "Yes, see the bags under my eyes? They could have told you the same thing without the use of that high tech ultra sound thing-ama-jiggy."

Anyway, I digress.

Wednesday the baby was found to be already in position (head down) and made all his little anatomy parts available for viewing. And let me just say this... after all the "it-looks-like-a-boy-no-it's-a-girl" we've endured for the last few months, he left no doubt that he is indeed a HE.

My husband is So. Proud.

So, I now get to spend my lunch hour at Old Navy returning the most adorable little girl clothes you have ever seen. For some reason my husband thinks that "Champ" (the hubs new nickname for the Boy) should never be seen in pink attire. Who knew he would have such strong opinions on the matter?

It also means I had to change the crib bedding I had registered for. This was a HUGE task since I have been officially crowned Queen of all things Indecisive during this pregnancy. I have my scepter right here to prove it.

A big THANK YOU to my mom who spent an hour on the phone with me yesterday assessing and analyzing each and every bedding set available at I told her it was her and dads fault that I am the way I am (indecisive, analytical, skeptical, etc.) so she owed it to me to help. I’m sure she loved hearing that, but she helped anyway. Who am I kidding, she’s as excited about all this as I am and all things MUST. BE. PERFECT. Right?

I mean heaven forbid the baby get here and not like his linens. What a travesty that would be.

At least I know that we're pretty much set in terms of clothes; at least for the first few months of his life. The Red Sox onesie is folded and just awaiting his arrival. My husband assures me that is all the clothes that Champ will need since he will be born into a very exciting baseball season. I have already heard whispers between Jonathan and his fellow Red Sox fan friend (who is also expecting a kiddo this spring) about the kids’ first trip to Fenway. Because driving 3+ hours to sit through a 4+ hour game with a newborn yells FUN TIMES to me.

And don't even get me started on the how and where I would have to nurse. That might just be too much excitement for one post.

All sarcasm aside- we are both thrilled and excited and happy and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Champ.

(Though we might have to re-think the nickname since local folk lore says that Champ is the name of the monster who lives in Lake Champlain. I don’t think I need the word "monster" in anyway associated with my child. You know, just a mother's 2 cents).