Wednesday, November 22, 2006

for your viewing pleasure and only because they have been requested...

I give you pregnant belly pictures.

I am five months along and I guess I am finally showing. Every morning my husband must look at the belly to decided if it has increased in size during the night. And every morning he gives me a status update (in case I myself am unable to deduct the size of my ever expanding midsection). This morning he told me, with lots of excitement, "It's getting big!!"

I guess I should count my blessings that my husband can say his wife's belly is getting big with glee in his voice.

And then, when I got to work this morning my co-worker said, "Wow, you're looking really pregnant." Not a horrible remark really, but it came from a man and he said it with shock in his voice, not excitement. This made the comment less enjoyable.

Nevertheless, I am pregnant, and I am now officially showing. And I have felt the tiny beginnings of movement inside the womb. Making this baby all the more real and all the more loved.