Wednesday, August 09, 2006

works for me wednesday- cleaning list

I love having a really clean house, but I also like having a life. I am notorious for getting sidetracked. Instead of coming home to a clean house, my husband comes home to a house full of half completed project- resembling chaos rather than cleanliness.

So, to remedy this, I made a little schedule of 1) tasks that need to be done weekly, and 2) tasks that don't need to be completed with such frequency. I assigned the weekly tasks specific days, and the others a specific month, in which to complete them. This gives me a schedule to follow and thus easing the tension of feeling like every quick clean up must be as thorough as a spring cleaning.

I must say, however, that while this schedule is helpful, I do not let it rule over me. It is just a simple way for me to stay on task, and therefore getting a lot accomplished.

Anyway, here's a picture of this quaters tasks. The weekly protion is the same for every quarter. The other monthly tasks change a bit, and some of those tasks repeat themselves in other months.

I know, I'm a bit obsessive, but hey, it works for me!

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