Monday, August 21, 2006

identity... crisis or theft?

Who am I?

What really matters in my life?
What battles do I fight? What battles do I need to sit out?
What wounds do I have that need to be addressed?
What purpose am I serving right now? Is it worth-while?

Do I have walls and barriers I need to tear down?
Do I have unguarded areas I need to protect?
Do I need to put blinders on, or take them off?
Do I radiate His love or am I failing light?

When people look at me, what do they see?
When people look at me, what should they see?

Who am I?

I MUST remember...
My salvation comes only from HIM.
My hope is found only in HIM.
My life's purpose is to serve only HIM.

His opinion matters above all. Everything else is secondary.
His love is unconditional.
His forgiveness and mercy flow free.
His grace is abundant.

There are wars that I cannot be apart of, no matter how much I want to take control. God deals with His people in His time. That is most difficult for a control freak like me.

I WILL not allow the enemy to steal my identity.
I must not allow myself to doubt my identity in Christ.

In Christ alone will I glory
Though I could pride myself in battles won
For I've been blessed beyond measure
And by His strength alone I'll overcome
Oh, I could stop and count successes like diamonds in my hands
But those trophies could not equal to the grace by which I stand

In Christ alone
I place my trust
And find my glory in the power of the cross
In every victory
Let it be said of me
My source of strength
My source of hope
Is Christ alone

Let it be said of me.