Thursday, April 27, 2006

i am from...

I've seen this self-portrait poem popping up on several different blogs I peruse. I was intrigued by the idea and so began one of my own a while back. I decided to post it because it is good to remember where you're from. If you are interested in doing one of your own here are some other examples (Life Nut, From Under the Laundry Pile, and Owlhaven) and this is the general template I used for my own.

I Am From...
I am from endless games of hop stock, Peter Pan Peanut Butter and Smuckers Grape Jelly sandwiches, and real mud pies made after a hard rain. I am from the stubbed toes of long, hot summers spent barefoot, "shortcut" cut-off shorts worn year after year and hikes with dad that became wild bear hunts and crazy adventures.

I am from Old Orchard Lane where neighbors were friends and friends were neighbors. I am from the front porch swing where I traveled to far away places through the pages of my books, and from the Pepto-Bismol pink walls in my girly bedroom which was my private sanctuary. I am from watermelon seed spitting contests, hide and seek after dark, and games of Around the World battled out on the basketball court of our driveway.

I am from Oklahoma and Texas with their flattened plains stretching far as the eye can see. I am from Crape-Myrtle's and Easter Lilies grown half-hazard in our yard and from the Indian Paint Brushes dotting the field behind our house with their presence.

I am from farmers and teachers and musicians and thinkers and dreamers and kind, loving people. I am from rough hands and smooth hearts. I am from a family of faith that has roots five generations back. I am from Marvin and Pat, Evelyn and Bob, and Mom and Daddy-o.

I am from stories of old and new. I am from dad scaring the cows with his trombone, and from mom's lazy days spent with "The Old Woman with the Cane". I am from climbing a top my dad's piano as a babe and I am from playing dress up with mom's high heels and old jewelry.

I am from notes and lyrics and prayers and scriptures that have been prayed, sung and spoken over me before I was ever a twinkle in my daddy's eye or a seed in my mom's heart. I am from dedication and loyalty and trust and forgiveness and perseverance and love. I am from music created and crafted in my heart and for my life.