Wednesday, March 29, 2006

pause button

I was born with a small birth mark on my left hand. It is oval in shape and sits right in the middle of the top of my hand. Many, many years ago, when my brother Andy was still in awe of my incredible big sister wisdom, I told him this birth mark was my on/off button. He would just giggle and poke at my hand over and over getting me to "turn on" (talk) and "turn off" (shut up).

These days, Andy obviously knows better, but I find myself wishing this small mark would do a little something more for me. Like maybe just pause time, or something simple like that. Sounds reasonable to me. Espeically when things are swirling around me- I am way past dizzy by now- and I forgot to take my motion sickness meds.

A simple pause button would be nice, right?

I know, I know... life is in the journey, not the destination. (I can hear Mrs. Littlefield- my high school English teacher- saying it right now). I just need a short time-out so I can collect my thoughts, wash the dishes, de-clutter the dining room, send a few emails, take a short nap, and read this weeks chapter in the Sacred Romance for our small group study.

So, having said all that... and having wasted what precious "free time" I have right now, let me give a quick update on our lives....

  • Jonathan and I are now leading the worship team for The Exchange, the high school group at church. We are very excited about this opprotunity and look forward to the amazing things God is going to do in this group.
  • Easter is just around the corner and we are preparing for that. Jonathan is playing percussion for the big service our church is having at the Fair Grounds.
  • We are busy raising money for a missions trip to Ecuador, which we will be going on with the youth group this July. We are looking forward to this with great anticipation. We are also planning a vacation to California at some point... this is much needed!!!
  • And last but not least, we have been attending appointment after appointment with Marion (Jonathan's mom). She will be having surgery (a lumpectomy) next Thursday, 4/6/06, at 7:00 am EST. The outlook is very promising as the cancer is small and looks to be fairly well contained. We will continue to update on this as things progress. Please pray for her surgeon, who is a Christian and attends our church, and also for a great recovery. She will have to undergo radiation about 6 weeks after the surgery. Right now is does not look like chemo will be necessary. Again, we will update with more info as we have it.
Thanks for all the prayers and support. And if anyone finds some way to press pause, please let me know!! :)