Thursday, September 08, 2005

I usually do not mix myself up in political discussions. I just don’t like to get into debates that are as heated as the political ones turn out being. HOWEVER, I just cannot keep my mouth shut any longer. So, irregardless of my political leanings, here I go…

About 10 days ago, one of the most horrific natural disasters in the history of this country let lose its rage on our gulf coast. Hour after hour I find myself gripped by the news coverage of the continuing events of our southern countrymen. Their turmoil, their grief and their great loss to incredible to imagine. They, unfortunately, do not have to imagine it. It’s very real to them. And they need our help- right now, whatever we can give, they need it!

What they don’t need at this point in time is all the arguing, Bush bashing and race-baiting rhetoric that is pouring out from the mouths of the media and so many others. Yes, I fully acknowledge that someone, somewhere screwed up with that aftermath process. And YES, I agree, that some sort of investigation should be done to glean some truth from this fiasco and keep such poor dealings from every happening again.

However, I am sick to death of all the political big wigs using this disaster as their own personal ego boosting platform. Shut up with the political babble; hang up your starched, pin stripped suit, put on your jeans and old t-shirt and help! Leave the discussions and investigations for later. There are immediate needs to be met and while answers will be useful down the road, right now the biggest needs are food, water and shelter. That can’t be found by blowing out hot air!!

This is not the time for division. This is not the time for finger pointing and name calling and blame laying. This is the time for America to shine. This is the time for human goodness and decency to reign supreme while all of us, who were untouched by Katrina’s rage, jump in and help!

Here’s how you can help: (in case you’ve missed it before now)

To Volunteer: Contact your local Red Cross chapter to become a volunteer.

To Donate: Making a financial contribution is the best way to help:

- Red Cross: Call 1-800-HELP NOW –or-

- Christian and Missionary Alliance:

- Church World Service: 1-800-297-1516 –or-

- North Shore Animal League America:

Okay, enough from me. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, but I just couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

Love to all,