Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Book(s): Trilogy of books: Black; Red; and White- by Ted Dekker
Awesome writing. Fast paced mix of adventure, sci-fi, romance, symbolism and fun. Not your typical "Christian" read. I highly recommend any of his books

How Great is Our God, put out by Passion Worship
This CD is jam packed with incredible worship. On repeat in my CD player all the time!

Song: How Great is Our God
, by Chris Tomlin
Title track from above mentioned CD. Just one of many good ones.

Movie: Batman Begins
Loved this movie. In spite of finding it hard to take Katie Holmes seriously, one of the few movies worth seeing on the big screen more than once. If you missed this in the theater, rent when it's on DVD.

This one is a toss up Alias or LOST, both on ABC
Alias: I (Casey) am a long time, die hard fan of Alias. While the plot gets a little carried away there is just no beating this spy family's drama. Known for its dramatic cliff hangers Alias just never lets me down. Rumors are that this is its last year, but rest assured it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last second!

LOST: New found favorite. We are busy catching up on the first handful of episodes during the summer hiatus. But LOST is promising to fill my Alias slot once Sydney and Co. say their final good-byes. It provides non-stop, edge of your sofa, audible gasping, TV cursing kind of action. Keeps ya guessing and only lets you in on the secrets in baby steps. Trust me, that's all you can handle! Check out www.oceanicflight815.com if you're still not sold.