Tuesday, September 27, 2005

50 Things I Love...

1) Rainy days spent curled up with a good book.

2) The feeling of peace and freedom that follows a good, hard cry.

3) Sand between my toes.

4) Trading emails with Becca during the work day.

5) Time spent in worship.

6) Summer mornings when the sunshine comes pouring in the window and there's no need for an alarm clock.

7) Hugs from Grandpa Myers

8) French Fries!

9) Good-Morning licks and kisses from Maddie.

10) Jonathan's aftershave.

11) My Mom and Dad, who are by far the best parents anyone could ever have!

12) Cool, brisk Autumn days.

13) Fresh Blueberries.

14) Our calm and relaxing bedroom.

15) Sunday afternoon naps while Jonathan watches golf or football, depending of the season.

16) Adirondak Root Beer.

17) Listening to a baby belly laugh.

18) Our Thursday night Bible Study group. Such awesome friends, great discussion and fun fellowship.

19) Love notes from my husband.

20) Peonies

21) My brothers and their significant others. I have to COOLEST family.

22) Candlelit dinners.

23) Decorating and party planning.

24) 1995 Ford F-150's

25) Shopping with my mom.

26) Cooking with my dad, except when making garlic bread!

27) Grace from Above.

28) That Jen and Jody got to bring Devonta home!!

29) Red polish on my toe nails.

30) So-Be Lizzard Fuel, Strawberry-Banana.

31)The McIntosh Family.

32) A good writing pen.

33) That Jonathan is still a kid at heart and reminds me, by example, that it is okay to get excited about the little things.

34) Really, in truly connecting with someone. Knowning that they get me and I get them.

35) My renewed and restored friendship with Sarah.

36) Classical music preformed on the piano.

37) Being Mrs. Jonathan Watson.

38) Knowing that it doesn't take much to make a differernce in someones life.

39) Organizing- anything!

40) Rolled Tacos from Hilbertos!

41) The song, "Captivate Us", from Watermarks Purest Place cd.

42) Refinishing furniture.

43) The word "discombobulated".

44) History

45) Watching Maddie pounce across the living room floor.

46) Dinner at Marion's, my mother-in-law. She's a fabulous cook!

47) 6 am walks with Jonathan and Maddie.

48) Car rides on a sunny day with windows down, sunroof open and music blaring.

49) Old black and white movies.

50) Good talks with Jesus.