Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thoughts on God

Yesterday I watched some news coverage of the memorial proceedings for Pope John Paul II. Glued to the TV, I witnessed thousands of people crammed into that square, heartsick over his death. Now, I am not a Catholic so I do not share the same emotion over this man that some devout Catholics may. I am however a Christian and I cannot help but ask myself the question that was swirling in my head while I sat there watching…

Why am I not this emotionally involved in my relationship with Christ? Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing the Pope to Christ. I understand the differences between Catholicism and Christianity. I know that Catholics don’t “worship” the Pope. I was merely struck by the fact that these people were so emotionally involved in this “religious” relationship and I am severely lacking that in my walk with God.

If people can be heartsick over the death of a great man, than surely I can be heartsick in love with a living Savior? Why is this such a difficult feeling to hold on to? The very work “Heartsick” is powerful. I want to be heartsick, like David was, for God. I feel like I’ve been stuck too long in the “desire to desire” phase. Time to move on. Time to be full of desire for Christ. Time to be heartsick for my King. Time to be sold out, on fire, passionate. Time to increase wisdom. Time to decrease me and increase Him.