Thursday, April 21, 2005

Red Sox Miracle

While driving home from a friend’s house last night I turned on the radio in the car. There was nothing of interest on any of the music stations, and I didn’t have a good selection of CD’s on hand, so I turned the radio to the AM stations. After a few seconds of scanning I realized that the only thing without static was what sounded like some sort of sports radio broadcast. I was about to switch the channel when I heard, “… Johnny Damon on deck…1 out so far… you are listening to Red Sox baseball…”

While I am not a sports fan, my husband is a bit of a sports addict, especially where the Red Sox are concerned. Though he was not in the car with me I felt almost obligated to listen to the game. Since there was nothing better on the other stations I left the radio tuned there as I continued my drive home.

Several minutes later a strange thing happened… a funny aggravated grunting noise escaped my lips. “What was that? Did I just grunt? Why did I just grunt? OH MY GOODNESS!!! Did I actually just grunt at the radio because Johnny Damon struck out?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

I was in shock, disbelief, wide-eyed-wonder!! Since when had I become interested in baseball???

The rest of the drive home was gruntless but my mind was churning. What did this mean? What had happened to me? Why did I grunt? Slowly it began to dawn on me... I was in love. Not with baseball, but with my husband, and when you love someone, what they love matters to you.

That’s when the Lord began speaking to me. Do I love what He loves? Do I know what His desires for me are? You see, it’s really not about the desires of my heart; it’s about my heart being aligned with His so that our desires are one. It’s about falling in love with a Savior, so much so that I grunt, and yell, and holler, and scream, and cheer, and cry, and praise, and protect, and desire the same thing He desires.

When you fall in love with Him, you fall in love with what He loves, and it changes your life forever.

And doesn’t He have a sense of humor that He would use Red Sox baseball to remind me that?!