Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Randomness In All Its Glory

- Looking for a really tasty granola recipe. Anyone out there have a good one to pass on?

- I am so very very sick of the cold. I am really longing for summer.

- In September I will be able to add "Aunt" to my description list over there in my profile!!! I am really excited about this! (Trying to be a little covert in this announcement since the future mommy and daddy haven't blabbed it to the world yet. I am bursting with the news so I had to share somehow!!! ) (How'd I do with the covert thing? I always knew I would make a good spy. Just call me Sydney Bristow.)

- I can be really sarcastic and dry. (duh.)

- I say "really" too much and am trying to break myself of this habit. As you can tell by the previous random tidbits I am doing just dandy with this.

- Had to wipe the dogs arse yesterday after she pooped on Jaron's blocks. This is not in my job description and I am not getting paid enough to do such a vile thing.

- I have a post about shame that I am working on. Maybe someday I will actually get it published on here. My writing gears have slowed down lately and cranking out anything of substance has become near impossible.

- I need some good books to read. Anybody have some good suggestions? I especially love fiction and biographies/memoirs.