Tuesday, November 18, 2008

True Confessions

I'm bored. Waiting on the hubby to get home so I can go work out. Ugh. I hate working out, but I have to do it. I HAVE to for oh, so many reasons. But mostly I just have to do it b/c I said I was going to. I am working on keeping my word in all things.

So, anyhoo-- now that I've bored you to tears also, let's spice things up a bit. Here are a few random confessions that will probably tell you more than you ever wanted to know about me.

Feel free to tease and laugh at me if it will make your day. :)
  1. Like my friend Marilee, I hate sticking my hand down the drain (or garbage disposal). This is why I married my husband. He can do all the dirty work. :)

  2. I watch re-runs of Saved by the Bell episodes every morning while I eat breakfast. I watched this show as a kid and there is something nostalgic about it. (TBS is the station, in case anyone is interested in joining me!)

  3. I do this weird thing while driving on the interstate (we don't have a "highway" where I live- just an interstate, though this would apply to a highway also). I grind my teeth whenever I pass a guardrail and I only grind which ever side the guardrail is on. If there's one on both sides I grind all my teeth. Weird, I know, but then I never claimed to be normal.

  4. I hate wearing socks. If I could do the flip flop thing all winter long, I would. As soon as it breaks 50 degrees outside I bust those baby's out.

  5. I think that fresh cilantro makes any dish better. Truly I do. I even bet you that it wouldn't be half bad coated in dark chocolate. Because we all know that chocolate makes everything better too. The next peanut butter and jelly me thinks.
Oh- the hubby just walked in the door. Time to go sweat my butt of. Did I say Ugh! yet?!?!