Monday, September 08, 2008

Meanderings and Such

Yay for health! We are all healthy (minus some allergy issues) and doing well. Whew!! So glad that is over. I'm tellin' ya, it is a scary thing to see your usually perky toddler completely un-perky. Un-perky, as in lying in bed, eyes wide open, but not moving or blinking or speaking or singing or clapping or anything else of that nature. I don't think I've ever seen him be so still. And the 104 fever didn't help matters much. Nor did the body rash or the blisthers coving his cute little hiney.

Poor thing.

Now that that's over we can look full ahead to our VACATION! I cannot tell y'all how truly excited I am about this vacation. We need it more than ever. Jonathan has been so stressed at work and strechted thin with extra-curricular actives. I have been overwhelmed with sickness and taking care of a friends baby during the week. Not to mention trying to sell this condo. I am ready to just "be". Getting to hang with all my family is such an added bonus.

And the beach! Oh how I miss the beach!! I am truly excited beyond words.

My folks are driving down later this week and they are carting all our luggage with them. Jonathan, Jaron and I will fly down on Saturday and it will be so helpful not to have to tote all our bags too. This means, of course, that I have to be packed in advance. Since I am watching a friends baby Weds- Fri, I really need to be well sorted out before Wednesday rolls around. Watching a 5 month old and my toddler takes up every ounce of energy and I know no packing will get done on those days. So... cleaning and packing is the name of the game for the next 2 days around here. Fun times.

I feel like there was something else I was going to say... but I'm drawing a blank... oh well. Sorry for the randomness of this post. Not my normal style, but figured I'd just be real with where I am today.

Oh, I remember now... Tom Brady. Ouch! Did anyone watch the Patriots game yesterday? My hubby almost cried. He declares that football season, for him, is now over. Can't say that I mind, entirely. Ha!

Back with more substantial stuff tomorrow. Happy Monday!