Thursday, April 03, 2008

Humble Pie Wasn't On My Grocery List

I thrive on simple routine. I like to have a bit of schedule to my day/week/month/life, but just as guidance, not as mandatory. I do not "do" mandatory.... I tend to rebel a bit when words like "must", "immediately" and "required" are thrown around. My week is good combo of structured and go-with-the-flow. Just the way I like it.

Sorry, tangent...anyway...

Monday's are my favorite days. Monday's are grocery shopping days.

The organizing junkie in me loves grocery shopping because it means lists and menus, which are all done on nifty little spreadsheets. The spontaneous side of me loves shopping for the best deals and never knowing what I might get.

For a while I was doing really well shopping at only one grocery store. I was staying way under our weekly budget (generally $70/week). I was menu planning like a mad woman and finding much success in it. I got a little proud of my so-called ability and decided I could do much better by shopping around. So a few Mondays ago I struck out, Jaron and coupons in tow, to try my hand at grocery store hopping.

Oh goodness, y'all.... It did not turn out so great. First try I was $20 over budget. Okay, no problem, probably just a fluke, I thought. I will rally the troops and try again. This time with more coupons and a more throughly planned list.

So last week I tried again. I thought I was doing so well and was really feeling proud of myself. I remember walking through the store thinking I was just hot snot b/c of my amazing saving skills. People, I was $40 over budget!! No joke. My husband about croaked.

I guess it serves me right for being so cocky about it. I read this article at yesterday, and so I do feel a bit better about my part in the grocery debacle. I guess costs are rising everywhere.

I am however eating my humble pie and asking for help... from you.

How do you all do it? What are you grocery secrets?
Do you shop hop?
Do you use coupons?
If you use coupons, do you get them from the paper, online, etc?
Do you shop at Sam's Club/Costco? Are they worth it?

And lastly, I do hope this is not too personal, but I am curious... What do you spend weekly on your groceries?

I am trying to refine my ways and cut the cost even more. It is hard to do with prices for everything from gas to milk going through the roof. But somehow, I will win this shopping battle. And hopefully you'll take a minute to leave a comment and help a sister out!

Thanks Much!!!