Sunday, December 09, 2007

Whew! What A Weekend!

This weekend our church hosted our annual Christmas program, The Christmas Spectacular, Season of Joy. This is the seventh year of the "show" and it just keeps getting better. Over the course of the weekend 5,000+ people (that's a LOT for this neck of the woods) enjoyed the lights, dancing, drama, music and worship of the Spectacular. I love that the purpose of the show is always to point people to Christ. There is tons of fun and excitement, but the goose-bump moments are always those that speak the Truth in simplicity.

The last 2 years I have not been in the show due to a pregnancy and an infant, however, I still love being apart of it all as much as possible. This year, it was fun to get to just sit and watch Jaron enjoy it all. He loves the music and lights. His eyes were big as saucers throughout the whole thing!

And can I just say what a little ham he is?!? He had all the cast and crew wrapped around his little finger. He would smile and flirt with the ladies, and laugh with all the guys. And the kids in the show adopted him as their little mascot! He is such a good baby. He just went along for the ride and never complained. He has a cold and is teething, yet people kept commenting about what a laid back baby he is. I was a proud momma, for sure!

And while the weekend was a success, I am so glad to be home with no commitments for the coming week. I forget how much I love my little haven until I have been making do elsewhere for a few days.