Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today Is A Big Day

I am having a baby today. Well, hopefully labor will not last until tomorrow and this much anticipated arrival will show his face before midnight. I am counting on today as the date of his birth.

I head into the hospital at some point this morning (when there's a room free'd up) to begin the induction process. For whatever reason, my body had made no progress at all and since I am officially 42+ weeks along they will get me in ASAP.

Hopefully the next post you will see here will be pictures of his adorable little face... because if we are all honest with each other we know that this will be the most adorable face to ever grace the world wide web! :)

Is this a crazy thing that's about to happen to us?!

So excited, scared, ready, nervous, anxious, happy, exhilarated, READY (did I say that already?).

Send your prayers up for me!