Tuesday, March 27, 2007

29 days!

Oh goodness, I need a second to catch my breath. (pant, pant) Okay, seriously, where has the last 9 months gone? I am now officially in the stage of ANY! DAY! NOW! PLEASE!

My bladder, lungs, back, calves, ankles (if I still have ankles), and feet are ready for a break. I am ready to be the only inhabitant of this body once again. And I am SO ready to meet this little guy face to face!

Okay here is a funny story I can share... Last week, J and I were looking at some stuff in the baby's room and we had lowered the crib railing. We turned our backs for a second, and the next thing we know Maddie had jumped right on in the crib! She sniffed around and then just sat down in the middle of it looking at us like "Okay, what now?" We burst out laughing. We were so surprised we couldn't even recover quickly enough to discipline her!

It was truly hilarious... but maybe it was one of those, had to be there moments?!


We set up the pack n' play in our room last night. This is where the baby will sleep for the first month or so he is home with us. It feels so strange to walk in and see a very visible reminder of what is to come.

I also finally started packing my bag for the hospital. For some reason, I who plan ahead for everything and am usually packed long before it is truly needed, have been procrastinating this task for several weeks. But rest assured, the bag is out, the clothes, socks, unmentionables, and whatever else I am taking with me, are neatly piled on the table ready for packing.

Okay, I will quit rambling now. That's all I have to update. Loads of fun, I know, but right now fun for me is a bowl of ice cream and being in bed by 8:30. Whoopie! :)