Tuesday, December 05, 2006

10 things being pregnant has taught me about my mom...

  1. The "hmgh!”" sound she makes as she falls to sleep really IS involuntary.
  2. She's right- cuddling with half a dozen pillows makes sleep so much better.
  3. Her memory loss cannot entirely be blamed on how often she dyes her hair or her age.
  4. My children will never want for anything that is in her power to provide, especially when it comes to affection. They will be smothered.
  5. Wide hips are a blessing, she hasn’t been lying to me all these years.
  6. Morning sickness is the pits and the fact that she went through it 3 times, while sick for all 9 months of each pregnancy- and wanted more kids still- well she should get an award or something. All I can say is Praise Jesus for the second trimester!
  7. She was ingenious when she taught me that ice cream makes everything better while pregnant. And, adding chocolate syrup can literally make the sunshine brighter. Really, try it.
  8. Sleeping through the snoring that comes from the other side of the bed is a rare gift, and unfortunately, one that she did not pass on to me.
  9. Being "silly" wasn't just her way of staying sane, it was also her way of loving us and relating to us kids. This is one trait she has passed on to me. I'm sure my kiddos will love and hate it just as much as I did growing up!!
  10. Praying for your children is a precious gift and I am so thankful my mom was/is faithful to pray for hers on a daily basis. Thanks mom!