Saturday, September 02, 2006

a piece of meat and a cheap thrill

Ever had the type of friend who you laugh with until your sides ache, tears stream down your face and snot blows out your nose? (When something is really funny this can happen and it's just a normal bodily function.)

Anyway, you know the type that you are completely yourself with? The friend who you couldn't have made it through Jr. High without? Whose home is your second home and whose family is your adopted family?

I have a friend like this. Let's call her A Cheap Thrill, or CT for short.

CT and I met under very odd circumstances. The memory is vauge, but I know we were both at some youth group function for the first time and neither of us knew anyone else around. We quickly latched on to each other and ended up exploring this big house we were in. I have no memory of why we were in said large house, but I do remember finding lots of closets and bathrooms.

After that our friendship grew quickly.

We spent time in Dillards trying on prom dresses and taking polaroid pictures, just for fun.

Running UP the DOWN escalator, just for fun.

Hanging upside down of car windows (the cars weren't moving), just for fun.

Playing a lot, and I do mean A LOT of spades with some boys we thought were cute at the time. (What were their names again?!?!)

CT is 3 years older than I am, however I have always been slightly, um, larger boned than her. We were sort of an odd pair growning up. She was dainty (unless she was cramming huge blueberry muffins into her mouth) and I was a tom-boy. She had long red hair, I had short dark brown hair. I wore glasses, she did not. I talked a lot, she was a good listener.

I learned a lot from CT. But the one that sticks out the most is this... she taught me how to clean. Seriously, she was ALWAYS cleaning her room. Like at 2 o'clock in the morning she would whip out the vacumm cleaner and start Hoovering away. Never mind that the rest of her family was sleeping.

(CT is probably cringing right now that out of all the things she hoped to have taught me, I retained the cleaning bit most of all!)

Seriously though, I have some great memories with this girl. The laughing memories, well, those are the best.

Life, and long distances, have kept us apart of many years now. But, still there is no one who knows me better than her.

CT, I miss laughing with you, too. :)