Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Recap

Ever had one of those weekends that just flew by way too fast, you got nothing productive or fun done and woke up Monday morning more exhausted than you were on Friday when you got out of work? Well this weekend was the exact opposite for us. We had an awesome weekend and there wasn't much to it...

Friday: we had a lovely dinner at Outback (inspite of a waitress from the twighlight zone who got a big fat zero for tip) and a movie in with friends. (Red Eye- don't bother watching it, it was so blah.)

Saturday: was sleeping in, errands and shopping (we got new lamps for the living room), a yummy home cooked Taco Salad, and great spontaneous converstaion with great friends.

Sunday: we played hookie from church, painted red polka dots on our prayer room wall, went for a long walk with Miss Mads, got soaked while giving Miss Mads a bath because she pounced in every mud puddle she could find on our long walk, ate another great home cooked meal (Beef w. Broccoli), and watched the Super Bowl. (Side note about the Super Bowl... did anyone else see the play in the 3rd quarter where the rather large Seahawks defensive tackle was running and pulled a hamstring? We keep hitting replay on our satellite dish and seriously, we were rolling on the floor laughing. I know it's mean to laugh because the player was really injured, but it was funny to watch!)

All in all we had a fabulous weekend of doing nothing much. We spent quality time together, and quality time with our friends. We enjoyed the unseasonable warm weather and spent a lot of time laughing... What could be better?