Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Doggone Mess!

Seriously want to kick the dog, or hit her.......... okay, I'm a softie, I don't really want to hurt her....... but boy am I mad at her!!! Stupid dog messed all over the couch today. Oh, and did I mention it's a WHITE COUCH?!?!?! It's all because it's only 16 degrees outside right now and while she LOVES the snow, she HATES the cold (hmmm, sounds like someone else I know). Anyway, I digress. The stupid dog wouldn't do her business this morning when Jonathan took her out. Poor husband was freezing his butt off walking around with the dog and she just wouldn't do anything. So, my sweet, wonderful, loving husband goes home at lunch to walk the dog again and finds the aforementioned mess on the beautiful white sofa!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is, grrrrr!
Well, that and, Does anyone want a Foxhound named Maddie? She's really a sweet, cute dog. I promise she is. (wink, wink)