Monday, December 12, 2005

Computers, Christmas, and Chaos

Well, it's finally happened, our computer is officially dead. It's been heading down hill for a couple of months now and we've just been trying to squeeze out more time. We weren't planning on getting a new one until the summer but looks like we'll be getting a new one for Christmas.

So now the big debate is PC or Mac... any advice out there?

We just wrapped up our church's annual Christmas Spectacular. Jonathan and I were both in it this year- he in the drum ensemble, and I in the vocal ensemble. It was a great show (produced by my dad) and so much fun to be apart of. And folks, if you missed the show you missed seeing me (Casey) dance while wearing a poodle skirt. That's a once in a lifetime event for sure! Now that that craziness is over hopefully the...

...will settle down a bit. Though we have not even begun to do our Christmas shopping!!! Why do we torture ourselves with this every year?!?! Will we ever learn? I hate fighting the crowds and chaos at the malls on weekends, and evening aren't much better. Grrr. If we had a computer we could some online shopping... Oh well, guess there's always next year.