Monday, November 21, 2005

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Toothpast Is What Leaves Scars

The youth group at our church had a mini-retreat this weekend. Since Jonathan plays drums for the youth worship band we spent a bit of time at the retreat. The night session on Saturday was an awesome time of worship, but by 10:00 (after having been there for the better part of the day) I was falling asleep!

Before ending the night session the youth pastor went over the rules, one of which was "Lights out at 1 am." A jr. high girl raised her hand and asked if they could go to sleep before that. A few snickers went up around the room and the youth pastor replyed, "Sure, but at your own risk!" I couldn't help feel sorry for the girl because I know the tourture she was in for if she was the first one asleep!

I was ALWAYS the first one asleep and therefore the butt of all the sleep-over pranks. I've had toothpaste smeared all over my face and hair, handle-bar mustaches drawn over my lip, been rolled into a wall... hard, had my undewear frozen, my hair teased and spayed solid with Aqua Net hair spay (good luck getting that out), and too many other things to recount. Out of all of them though, the toothpaste was by far the worst. It got up my nose, in my ear and dried stiff in my hair. And all I could smell for days was Crest Fresh Mint.

Hopefully Miss Jr. Higher faired better than I ever could. If not, well I'm afraid she'll never be able to use Crest Fresh Mint again!