Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quote Worthy

Sometimes it seems like we make loving and depending on God so difficult. We try to set aside a certain time to speak to Him, we worry because we don't feel all aglow with His love somedays...and so we worry that something is wrong with us. Sometimes I think God just yearns for an ongoing 24 hour of being in His company. No fancy prayers...just one all 24-7 companion with our creator. The glow is there sometimes.....and is just the peaceful awareness that He is with us....our constant companion.

~ Evelyn Wheeler, a.k.a. Wise Grandma

That is what I want! That's what I desire my relationship with God to look like. My grandma was right; we do make it so difficult. I do not discount the importance of time in 1 on 1 communication with God and to read His Word. It's just that I am realizing more and more my need, my desire, to walk in step with God in such a way that I feel His presence at all times. I don't know if such a thing is possible, but I will strive for it none the less.

Every fiber in my being responds to His voice; His soft whisper is more powerful than all the thunder ever heard.